Why Vietnamese Glazed Ceramic Plant Pots and Planters?
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April 26, 2019
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April 28, 2019
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Why Vietnamese Glazed Ceramic Plant Pots and Planters?

A glazed ceramic plant pot is a clay pot which is hardened by baking the clay at high temperatures. Then the pot will be coated with a glaze to prevent cracking and to be decorated with many choices of colors. These pots will have many sizes, shapes and colors. And Vietnamese glazed ceramic pots are becoming more and more popular for many reasons:

Glazed ceramic plant pots are waterproof. With plants that require constant moisture, choosing a ceramic glazed pot is a perfect choice as it isn’t porous as unglazed pot, it holds moisture better than other kind of pots. It is also easier to overwater plants in these pots because water will not evaporate through the container


Glazed ceramic plant pots tend to be bottom heavy so these pots are suitable for windy sites. They are sturdy so they will not be affected by the weather and are also suitable for large trees and shrubs (When your plants grow heavier on top, ceramic plant pots still can stand the weight and keep the plant from toppling over). Because of their heaviness, you can also use these pots to grow vegetables because they don’t wick moisture from the potting mix or become stained by leached salts.

Glazed ceramic plant pots have a wide range of designs and colors to be mixed and matched with any plants, any garden designs or to satisfy any customer’s requests. They are highly decorated, some remain simple in shape and form. These pots will make your garden more beautiful and give you a sense of accomplishment.

Some outdoor glazed ceramic plant pots have high quality frost resistant pottery so they are durable, can last for years and are suitable for outdoor garden.

A glazed ceramic plant pot can be used in many attractive ways. You can make it become a containers for your children to hold pool toys or create an outdoor mini scene, for example: Penjing... or just leave it empty and let it be an art piece.

All Vietnamese glazed ceramic plant pots are handmade by trained craftsmen. These pots are known for their beautiful decorative and their durability. They are perfect for a lifetime outdoor, will never lose the color and can be used in any kind of weather conditions.

(Vietnam - April 27, 2019)

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