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April 18, 2019
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April 21, 2019
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“Hanging cement planters are a good way to create colour and greenery if you don’t have much floor space. Below are some popular planters that are easy to décor and will stand out indoors with easy to manage hanging plants.”

Let show your plants some love with these elegant, vintage-inspired plant hanger. These handmade cement plant pots would be gracing your home, balcony garden, or brightening up an office. The cement plant pots are designed by versatile styles that can be hung from a hook in the ceiling or against a wall like a wall hanging.

All of this collection will be designed in the handy sizes. First of all, we need to mention the Natural grey cement hanging plant pots which are added with charcoal and stones on the natural cement surface will complement any home style, adding an element of elegance. Secondly, it’s a pity if we have not paid great attention to the painting hanging plant pots in black and white in order to highlight the natural beauty of plants.


Which kinds of plants that are suitable for hanging? These succulent planters can hold more than succulents, consider using it for small, regular plants as well as different cacti and adding a vibrancy and natural depth to your home. Another good option will be Devil’s Ivy: Known for its hardiness and indestructible nature, it can survive in pretty much any condition and will live even with very little watering. The Devil’s Ivy will cascade down the side of the pot once it has reach its mature 6 meters in length. One of the good idea would be String of Pearls: Native to more arid climates it is perfect for sunny and brightly lit rooms. Each strand of pearls can reach up to about one meter in length and is perfect for creating a waterfall effect. For a further look, you can either plant a group of them in one pot or cut off any strands that are long and plant them directly back into the soil.


You may ask how to set up a great planters and plants. Just using the large, open woven design in the handmade macramé, now you can hang this planter where you want any kind of ledge or hook. Simply hammer in a nail or use some kind of brass hook to easily hook and suspend this small plants planter.

(Rosie Nguyen  - Vietnam - 18 April, 2019)

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