Terms & Conditions
  • Based on the communication through Email, Social Apps and Face-to-face meetings, the Sales Staff will send the catalogues of cement and ceramics plant pots with all details of dimensions, units, way of packaging such as pallet sizes and the quantity of pots that can be load in a 20 foot container or 40 and 40 High Cube Foot containers. Also, their quotation will be sent to the customer as well.
  • After fully understanding the information of products, the customer will fill out the Order Form.
  • After receiving the Order Form from the customer, the sales staff will make the PI (Pro-forma Invoice). In this file, the customer will check the PI number, date and time, ordered quantity of each item, dimensions, prices, requested colors, special notes, delivery time and total value specifically.
  • Moreover, thanks to this file, the customer will check their detail’s information that include Company Name, Address, Phone Number and Notify Party (if possible).


  • One more important thing is that the customer will check the information of shipping terms as follows:

1. Incoterm 2010: In normally, EXW, FOB, CPT are three of terms that we apply for International Trade.

      • For EXW term, we will deliver (without loading) the packaged products at disposal of the customer at our premises. In this case, we will not take the responsibilities to do the exports clearance at Vietnam and documents, however, we will support your shipping agent in Vietnam to do that as much as we can. The buyer is responsible for making arrangements with their forwarder at Vietnam for exports clearance and handling all other paperwork.
      • For FOB term, we will bear all costs and risks up to the point the goods are loaded on board the vessel. We will do the exports clearance at Vietnam and documents for the customer to receive the products at customer’s place. "Delivery" is accomplished when we release the goods to the customer's forwarder. The customer's responsibility for insurance and transportation begins at the same moment.
      • For CPT term, we will bear all costs and risks up to the point the goods are loaded on board the vessel. We will do the exports clearance at Vietnam and documents for the customer to receive the products at customer’s place. Also, the ocean freight is also our cost as well.
      • Documents will be included:
        • Bill of Lading (One original and Three copied)
        • Invoice (Three original)
        • Packing List (Three original)
        • Certificate of Origin (One original and Three copied)
        • Fumigation Certificate (One original and Three copied)

2.Port of Destination: Please help us check this place.
3.Ways of packaging: In normal, there are 2 ways of packaging: CARTON boxes and PALLET. Generally, the Carton boxes packaging will be higher cost compared to the Pallet packaging. Carton boxes will be suitable for small size pots (under D20cm and H20 cm), pallet will be suitable for large pots in particularly. All of our wooden pallets are fumigated by Methyl Bromide. Shipping mark is obligatory.
4.Payment Term: We will do T/T (Telegraphic Transfer):
A 30% deposit of total value amount of confirmed pro-forma invoice is required for the beginning of production. The balance (70% of total payment) will be sent within 7-10 days from receiving the copied documents from our logistics team.

Our pot is hand-wrapped in PE layer, especially take care the edges of products. We would like to make sure that it reaches your warehouse in the same condition as when it left our warehouse.

1. Checking the quality of pots before packing them
In this step, we will check the quality of each product to make sure that all of them are good conditions and no mistake before packing. In the meantime, our packing team will discuss and finalize the best way to package the products. This way will be informed and accepted the agreement from the customer.
2. Packing the pots into sets
The pots will be wrapped by the PE layers. Corrugated card board or poly foam will be used among pots to protect their smooth surface and prevent the mutual collision during the long shipping process. Then, the pots will be nested in sets and kept stationary outside with the cardboard before girding them by PP strapping bands.
3. Loading the pots onto pallets and containers later
The pots will be nested and loaded onto pallets carefully, then will be covered by PE film and girding them together by PP strapping bands. Shipping marks will be applied with the information of pots in the pallets specifically and ready for being loaded into container. Pallets will be hauled and loaded onto container by folk lift. Finally, the pallets will be fastened again after fully loading the container by strings to prevent falling upon door open.
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