Rustic plant pots (rustic planters), consistently one of Rosie Pottery’s best-selling collections attributable to its ultra -premium quality, vast selection and superior glazes. These handmade containers are guaranteed to make a bold statement in any garden space.

Rustic plant pots (rustic planters) from Tan Van pottery village has been known for its black clay pottery for centuries. The 300-year-old village has sometimes fallen into relative obscurity, but its dedicated potters have done their best to keep their black clay pottery craft alive.

Characteristics of ancient pottery is the diversity of materials, colors, rich in style, solidity, rustic in decoration, stable in type and abundant in quantity. To turn out the most popular products, artisans in the south’s oldest pottery village must pay attention to every detail. According to the village elders, each enamel was a family’s secret handed down from generation to generation and carefully guarded.

Therefore, Rosie Pottery would love to bring these treasures to you - pottery lovers around the world. Let explore all collections.

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