Life of Vietnamese Potters at Rosie Pottery
The Vietnamese Pottery Maker’s Story at Rosie Pottery
May 28, 2019
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July 26, 2019
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Life of Vietnamese Potters at Rosie Pottery

In a beautiful late spring afternoon at an Asia country, three years ago, two young people have fallen in love with a special thing that has changed their whole of lives. Has you been curious about what it is? It’s handicraft – special gift from Vietnamese craftsmen. Therefore, they decided to engage their lives into this field and from there, Rosie Pottery was born.


Have you ever wondered, as I have, what makes different among companies in the competitive market? It isn’t the background, talent or native intelligence. It’s passion! A business cannot run well without love. This is the love that you send in each inch of your products, and more importantly, it’s the love that you spent to each person who make your products every single day, and then, they spent their love to the products they made. At Rosie Factory, we don’t think that the planter has its beauty of appearance only, it also brings the positive emotion and transfer this feeling to others.

Therefore, today, this blog is continued sharing the story of our workers to you


This is Mrs. Kim, a woman of smiles. She smiles as an angel. Her husband is working at a furniture factory, she has one son and very happy family. Maybe because of it, she is funny and great sense of humor. Thanks to the money she earns from Rosie Pottery, she buys new clothes for her son and better meals for her family. During the working time, she share many tips about housing for other people. She is also really excited when our clients being at the factory, she said that if she had an opportunity to study English at the young age, it would be great. We believe that all of her dreams, her son will help her do it. So don’t worry, our strong woman!


This is Mr. Loc, 40-year-old and father of three kids, 3 daughters. Such a great thing. He looks older than his ages. He said that he has to spend too much time for dating at the young age. Oh, maybe! Anyway, at the present, being the bread winner in the family, he has a lot to think about. His wife and three daughters are living at the hometown, therefore, we usually see him alone. He rarely share about what he think and experience with us, we just see him in taciturn way. Like most of Vietnamese men, he has an unhealthy habit – smoking. It’s as a way to escape and relieve the tiredness of life. We hope that at Rosie Pottery, he can have better life and his family can reunion in very near future.

We are a team and more than that, a real family, we hope that each member of our family will have a good life with all of pleasure and happiness. We will tell you more about our workers with the next blog and hope you enjoy it. Thank you!

(Rosie - Vietnam, June 7, 2019)

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