The Vietnamese Pottery Maker’s Story at Rosie Pottery
We really need a name for this type of cement plant pot (concrete planter)
May 18, 2019
Life of Vietnamese Potters at Rosie Pottery
June 7, 2019
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The Vietnamese Pottery Maker's Story at Rosie Pottery

At Rosie Pottery, we take pride in our commitment to offer high-quality Cement plant pots (concrete planters) and Ceramics planters that turn your home into a stunning showplace while enhancing the lives of the Vietnamese artisans behind these creations. That’s why our planters are so much more than just products made by hand. Each design preserves Vietnamese traditions and provides employment opportunities to artisans.


At the present, we have offered regular work to around 50 qualified workers who come from many provinces of Vietnam. Most of them come from the impoverished villages where the job opportunities are extremely rare. Global climate change has effected tremendously to their farm’s productivity at the hometown. Therefore, they have left their home and family to Binh Duong province which is famous for many job opportunities. At that time, they wished for the better job changed their lives as well as their whole family. That is the life that they no longer think about poverty and needy meals. In their dream, there is the solid house that they will not worry about the impact of storms at the rainy season. Furthermore, one of the greatest desire would be the better lives for their children. The children have the opportunities to go to school to study many good lessons and have a good job with stable financial resources in the future. Each of our workers has their own story – the story about their family and their dream as well.


This is Mrs. Hang, 48-year-old and mother of two children, a son and a daughter. Her daughter has just attended to the university of economics, her son lives at her hometown with the grandfather and attend the grade 7 in this year. She shared with us with all of her prides about the children’s achievements. She loves her job! With the money she earns from working, she pays the school of her children. They can follow their dream and find a job they love. Sometimes, she really missed the son in the hometown and cried as a child. We hope that at Rosie Pottery, we will try our best to enhance the quality of her life and give her the good opportunity to care for her family as well.

This is Mr. Tan, the men takes the responsibilities of making patterns for our pots. His work tools are just a pencil and a ruler, they are too simple but thanks to his skills and great senses of creations, we cannot find any products better than that. He is the youngest worker at our factory great passion spending in each piece of pots. Moreover, he have the sense of humor, therefore, he always makes people laugh and enjoy their job every day. He earn the money for his own life and more importantly, most of his salary is spent to his parent who live at the hometown. Such a good boy!


We are a team and more than that, a real family, we hope that each member of our family will have a good life with all of pleasure and happiness. We will tell you more about our workers with the next blog and hope you enjoy it. Thank you!

(Rosie - Vietnam, May 28, 2019)

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