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June 7, 2019
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Vietnamese Lightweight Terrazzo Planters | Rosie Pottery

Lightweight Terrazzo Cement Planter is a huge interior trend thanks to its stunning versatility. Have you ever been curious about its structure and category? Today, let us show you the process of creating a great Terrazzo Cement Plant Pot.

I. First and foremost, what are the lightweight terrazzo planters?

  • Terrazzo is a composite material and poured in a poly resin mold. It consists of chips of marble, sand, fibers or other suitable material, poured with a cementitious binder.
  • In normal, the pot has an attractive black, white, and grey speckled pattern. This pattern is a natural reaction by hands and gives every plant pot its own unique finish. After it is cured, it is ground and polished smooth or otherwise finished to produce a smooth surface.

II. The benefits of Lightweight Terrazzo Concrete Planters.

- Modern and contemporary designs

This sturdy white/black/grey terrazzo pot looks equally at home in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or living area. As well as being a stylish way to display a plant or flowers it can also be used for storing kitchen utensils or cutlery on a kitchen worktop. Therefore, one thing is sure that the Terrazzo Cement Planters will be boosted the aesthetics in your home and garden.

To pair with the simplicity, Modern beauty of Terrazzo Planters and Natural beauty of Plants have combined to create the attractive points for your spaces. On the one hand, for the small Terrazzo Planters with no drainage hole, they are very suitable for decoration on a table or shelves or windowsill. On the other hand, Terrazzo Plant Pots with large sizes are gained the great reputation for their super great perfection for garden or patio such as porch, garden or pavement of the roads. They are the good friend of landscape designers or gardener who spend the special love to the large guys.


- Strong, lightweight fiberglass construction:

The Lightweight Terrazzo Cement Planters are created from stronger materials than conventional clay pots. One more thing, they are last longer as well as can endure more stress and can also handle a wide range of climate conditions. This is particularly useful if you are living in the tropics, where periods of sunlight are generally interspersed with heavy rains. In the cold weather, you also don’t need to be worried about their strength, the fibers will be reinforced the strength of planters, so the pots will be remained with no cracks and shakes.

- Available in a range of colors and sizes:

This product line is made totally by skillful hands as well as the creations of craftsmen, so each Terrazzo planters are unique accompanied with slight differences. This is the special outstanding feature of Vietnamese Planters. They are only an inanimate things, however, through hands of craftsmen, they turn into beautiful and eye-catching products.

The collection of Terrazzo Lightweight Cement Planters are various in colors and sizes. There are some typical colors of them as follows:

  • Black Cement + White Stones
  • Grey Cement + White Stones
  • White Cement + White Stones
  • Pink Cement + White Stones
  • Yellow Cement + White Stones
  • Black Cement + Black Stones

The sizes of planters can be chosen from your taste. The sizes are being from the mini to large plant pots and customized to your own designs also. 


In conclusion, Lightweight Terrazzo Cement Planters are being hot trend and no delay to have a look at Rosie’s collection of Terrazzo Planters. We designed and handcrafted a beautiful and innovative Lightweight Terrazzo Cement Planters. You can come up with some new ideas of home décor for your garden for sure.

Thank you so much and hope you enjoy this blog!

(Rosie - Vietnam - July 26, 2019)

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